About Me

I am currently a postdoctoral scholar at Yale University, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics program. I work with Prof. Mark Gerstein on various problems related to genome privacy, personal genomics and 3D genome. Please check this website for details on what I’ve been up to past year. I am also affiliated with Benjamin Franklin residential college of Yale University as a faculty fellow.

Before joining Yale, I was a Ph.D student at the Bioinformatics program of University of Illinois at Chicago. I worked on the computational construction of 3D genome organization in eukaryotes. I developed three softwares that are Constrained Self-Avoiding Chromatin (CSAC), n-Constrained Self-Avoiding Chromatin (nCSAC) and multichain Constrained Self-Avoiding Chromatins (mCSAC). Please see publications page for more details. I was also involved in modeling stochasticity in biochemical reaction networks.

I  received my undergraduate degree from the Chemical Engineering department of Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey in 2008. My undergraduate thesis was on application of stochastic differential equations to biochemical processes. I was a visiting research scientist at NASA Center for Advanced Microgravity Materials Processing in Northeastern University, Boston in 2007. I assisted with the project of the chemical kinetics of synthesis of microporous vanadosilicate AM-6. I also worked as a chemical engineer at the Turkey branch of Exxon Mobil before I joined the graduate school.


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